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Role description

Volunteer translators are responsible for creating accurate, easy-to-read translations of our available English content and helping other volunteers review and improve the quality of their work. You are free to work on your own schedule and at your own pace—all we require is that when you hand in your projects, they be as accurate and readable as your skill allows.

Once enrolled, volunteers work closely with one of our Translation Coordinators to select and complete a project. In other words, they will handle all of the administrative details for you; all you need to do is translate.

Also, some people ask if they can ever get paid for translation work with us—the answer is no. We have a tremendous amount of respect for the work that professional translators do. In fact, most of our volunteers are professional translators. But the goal of this project is to make things available for free, which means we need to rely on volunteers to do just about everything (which includes our CEO).

How to enroll

To become a volunteer translator, complete our sign-up form and we will reply to you within a few days. By submitting an enrollment application, you are verifying that you agree to our Translator's Agreement, which is printed below. Questions about the agreement or other aspects of the volunteer role can be sent to us via our contact page.

Translator's Agreement

  1. You agree to translate the text to reflect the original author's intention. If you're not sure about the original author's meaning, you will check with your Translation Coordinator for clarification.
  2. You agree not to contextualize any parts of your translation. If an author's words or ideas will be difficult for people in your culture to understand, you can add explanations via footnotes.
  3. You agree to release all ownership and rights over the work you submit to us. We will credit you by name on every translation you do, whether published in print or online, and we will require others who use our website to do the same.
  4. You agree to cooperate with the rest of the Gospel Translations community by sticking to the guidelines of the Translator's Handbook, including, whenever possible, use of a preferred Bible translation for your language.

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