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Getting Started

Thanks for your interest in the technology that keeps Gospel Translations running. You can get involved with any of the projects below by enrolling as a volunteer. (We're also very open to your own ideas for how to make the site better or more efficient.) For ease of maintenance, right now we prefer all code to be PHP--but just ask if you think we should make an exception for a particular project.

Current projects




Gospel Translations relies on a few basic pieces of software to run smoothly.

MediaWiki is our wiki engine, and is the same software used by Wikipedia. It was chosen for it's proven scalability, excellent support for multiple languages, and it's easy extensibility. The fact that it has such excellent community support was also a big factor when we chose it. MediaWiki runs on PHP and MySQL.

DabbleDB is our online database provider, helping us keep information about all of our publishers, articles, volunteers, and translations organized in one central place. Better still, it has good API support, so we've been able to tie the data their directly into wiki articles--when you visit a page and see the blue box listing Author, Translator, and so forth (see example), you are seeing MediaWiki and DabbleDB work together.

Volunteer Tools
Other Wikis