Jonah 4:2

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By D.A. Carson About Art
Part of the series Symphony: A Magazine of Christian Poetry


O LORD, is this not what I said?
To spare them has long been my dread.
They're vile, and your cov'nant they hate;
They're cruel; and true justice can't wait.

So why do you cancel their sin?
Compassion is now stretched too thin:
You pardon, but can't hide guilt's spread.
O Lord, is this not what I said?

Is anger the answer to need?
Must grace now be captive to greed?
If love can't extend to the vile,
Then how is my cov'nant worth-while?

Are you a great prophet, preferred -
Above all mankind - by a gourd?
Your anger's elitism's creed:
Is anger the answer to need?

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