Jesus Died for More Than Your Decision

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By John Piper About Faith

Audio Transcript

I am not on a mission to add happy icing to the cake of your decision for Christ. I am on a mission to show you from Scripture that if all you have is a decision for Christ and no delight in Christ, you don’t have Christ.

We are not saved by mere decisions. We are saved by the sovereign work of God by his Spirit causing us to be born again, which brings into being a new creature who has new affections for God and less affection for the world. That’s salvation.

Salvation is not my brain doing what it can do by itself. My salvation is a miracle, wrought by the Holy Spirit upon me, doing what I cannot do for myself, bringing into being a new John Piper who has affections for God and is falling out of love with the world.

So, I’m not bringing you a message of happiness as the icing on the cake of decision. Rather, I want to persuade you that if you understand saving faith correctly, then delight in God would be a part of the cake, not just the icing — not the caboose at the end of the train and not just something dispensable for stoical personalities.

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