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By Charles H. Spurgeon About Conversion
Chapter 20 of the book All of Grace

Have not followed

If my reader has not followed me step by step as he has read my pages, I am truly sorry. Book-reading is of small value unless the truths which pass before the mind are grasped, appropriated, and carried out to their practical issues. It is as if one saw plenty of food in a shop and yet remained hungry, for want of personally eating some. It is all in vain, dear reader, that you and I have met, unless you have actually laid hold upon Christ Jesus, my Lord. On my part there was a distinct desire to benefit you, and I have done my best to that end. It pains me that I have not been able to do you good, for I have longed to win that privilege. I was thinking of you when I wrote this page, and I laid down my pen and solemnly bowed my knee in prayer for everyone who should read it. It is my firm conviction that great numbers of readers will get a blessing, even though you refuse to be of the number. But why should you refuse?

If you do not desire the choice blessing which I would have brought to you, at least do me the justice to admit that the blame of your final doom will not lie at my door. When we two meet before the great white throne you will not be able to charge me with having idly used the attention which you were pleased to give me while you were reading my little book. God knoweth I wrote each line for your eternal good. I now in spirit take you by the hand. I give you a firm grip. Do you feel my brotherly grasp? The tears are in my eyes as I look at you and say, Why will you die? Will you not give your soul a thought? Will you perish through sheer carelessness? Oh, do not so; but weigh these solemn matters, and make sure work for eternity! Do not refuse Jesus, his love, his blood, his salvation. Why should you do so? Can you do it? I BESEECH YOU, DO NOT TURN AWAY FROM YOUR REDEEMER!

Have been led to trust the Lord

If, on the other hand, my prayers are heard, and you, my reader, have been led to trust the Lord Jesus and receive from him salvation by grace, then keep you ever to this doctrine, and this way of living. Let Jesus be your all in all, and let free grace be the one line in which you live and move. There is no life like that of one who lives in the favor of God. To receive all as a free gift preserves the mind from self-righteous pride, and from self-accusing despair. It makes the heart grow warm with grateful love, and thus it creates a feeling in the soul which is infinitely more acceptable to God than anything that can possibly come of slavish fear. Those who hope to be saved by trying to do their best know nothing of that glowing fervor, that hallowed warmth, that devout joy in God, which come with salvation freely given according to the grace of God. The slavish spirit of self-salvation is no match for the joyous spirit of adoption. There is more real virtue in the least emotion of faith than in all the tuggings of legal bond-slaves, or all the weary machinery of devotees who would climb to heaven by rounds of ceremonies. Faith is spiritual, and God who is a spirit delights in it for that reason. Years of prayer-saying, and church-going, or chapel-going, and ceremonies, and performances, may only be an abomination in the sight of Jehovah; but a glance from the eye of true faith is spiritual and it is therefore dear to him. “The Father seeketh such to worship him” (Joh 4:23). Look you first to the inner man, and to the spiritual, and the rest will then follow in due course.

Are saved

If you are saved yourself, be on the watch for the souls of others. Your own heart will not prosper unless it is filled with intense concern to bless your fellow men. The life of your soul lies in faith; its health lies in love. He who does not pine to lead others to Jesus has never been under the spell of love himself. Get to the work of the Lord—the work of love. Begin at home. Visit next your neighbors. Enlighten the village or the street in which you live. Scatter the word of the Lord wherever your hand can reach.

If those who are converted become winners of others, who knows what may spring out of my little book? Already I begin praising God for the conversions which he will work by it, and by those whom it leads to Jesus. Probably the larger part of the results will happen when my right hand which is now leaving its impress on the page will be paralyzed in death.

Do not go down!

READER, MEET ME IN HEAVEN! Do not go down to hell. There is no coming back again from that abode of misery. Why do you wish to enter the way of death when heaven’s gate is open before you? Do not refuse the free pardon, the full salvation which Jesus grants to all who trust him. Do not hesitate and delay. You have had enough of resolving, come to action. Believe in Jesus now, with full and immediate decision. Take with you words and come unto your Lord this day, even this day. Remember, O soul, it may be NOW OR NEVER with you. Let it be now; it would be horrible that it should be never.

Again I charge you, MEET ME IN HEAVEN.

Study Questions: Chapter 20

Have not followed

6. What are some possible reasons why a person would read this book, and then walk away without laying hold of the Lord Jesus Christ? (personal answer).

Have been led to trust the Lord

7. What final instruction does Spurgeon give to those who have trusted the Lord Jesus and received from Him salvation by grace alone?

8. Why is Spurgeon so careful that his readers would not try to embrace Christ by means of “trying to do their best”?

Are saved

9. What exhortation does he give “if you are saved yourself”? Why?

Do not go down!

10. What is your personal response to Spurgeon’s entreaty to “believe in Jesus now, with full and immediate decision”? (If you are tempted to delay, please do not!)

11. Of the different categories mentioned in this chapter, which one describes you the best? Why?

a. you have not followed or applied “to trust in Jesus”.
b. you have been led to trust the Lord for salvation during this study.
c. you were already saved before.

12. How has the Lord spoken to your heart while reading the book All of Grace? What are the main things that you have learned?

13. If you have not yet trusted Christ, what would it take for you to trust your life into His hands, completely and without reservation?

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