"Do All Things without Grumbling"

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By John Piper About Speech
Part of the series Taste & See

One of the effects of my speaking nine times to pastors in Alaska recently was conviction for my sin of grumbling. What happened was this. I spoke on the things that I love most. I spoke about the great and glorious God of Christian Hedonism—

When I heard these things coming out of my mouth, I was deeply convicted that my heart had grumbled in these recent months. Paul said, “Do all things without grumbling.” Grumbling is an evidence of little faith in the gracious providence of God in all the affairs of our lives. And little faith is a dishonor to him. It belittles his sovereignty and wisdom and goodness.

Do I believe these things? If my faith is strong, I will not grumble. Pray for me, that I would be glad in the Lord and receive willingly from his hand all he designs for my holiness. Then, as Paul says in the next verse, I can be “a light in the world.” Grumbling only adds to the darkness because it obscures the light of God’s gracious, all-controlling providence.

Thanks for your wrestling with me in prayer,

Pastor John

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