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This page will be in development as we receive inquiries from the community. To ask a question, just click the "Discussion" link above and leave your comments there.

Translators: Check the translator's handbook for more information and resources.


How We Work

  1. How do you ensure your translations are accurate?
    We have a three-part translation process that allows multiple stages of review for theological and linguistic accuracy. First, a translator submits a draft--this document will be marked as "Not Reviewed" on our website. Then, another translator (anyone registered with us) can check the translation against the original for fidelity, proper formatting, grammatical issues, and anything else pertinent. This "Peer Reviewer" can make changes to the content, and in fact there can be multiple peer reviews for any translation. The final stage of review is done by one of our Editors. These are individuals who have proven translation skill and solid working knowledge of the theological concepts dealt with in our content. The Editor's main job is to make sure that the ideas of the translation match the original, and that the translation is easily readable. If the Editor approves a translation, it is marked "Final Version". A translation marked as "Final Version" is locked and cannot be edited on the wiki.
  2. Where do you get your English content?
    We work with several partners to provide content for our volunteers to translate. These partners agree to let us translate books and articles into any language and publish those translation on our website.
  3. What is Open Source Mission?
    Open Source Mission is the organization that started the Gospel Translations project.
  4. Can I make and distribute copies of content from Gospel Translations?
    Absolutely! Gospel Translations and its partners want this content to be shared with as many individuals as possible. Please read the copyrights page to learn more about specific policies on how this can be done.


  1. If I want to volunteer as a translator, how much time am I expected to spend on the project?
    Volunteers work out their own schedules and deadlines, so you are welcome and encouraged to work at your own pace. All Gospel Translations asks for is an estimated date of completion for projects, but that is only so that we can serve you by following-up in a timely way and making sure that everything is going well.
  2. Do I need to know how to use a wiki in order to volunteer?
    No! Knowing how to use a wiki is certainly helpful, but we will provide you with all the support you need, whatever your skill level. Don't let a lack of technical knowledge stop you from volunteering as a translator--the only skill we require is a fluent knowledge of English and your target language.
  3. Can I get paid for translation work?
    Our model is almost completely volunteer-driven, so we do not have resources to pay for any translation services. As of March 31, 2008, around 300 volunteers were enrolled to help Gospel Translations through translation, technical services, web/graphic design, and site administration.
  4. Can I choose my own article to translate, or do I get an assignment?
    When you sign up with us, we will give you the option of working on a preferred article, or just taking an assignment from us. We have certain articles that are higher priority than others, so if you have no preferences we are happy to guide you to an important translation.

Using the Website

  1. I don't see an edit button. Where is it?
    You cannot see the edit button at the top of the page unless you have an account and are signed in. Sign in here.
  2. How do I upload an image to the website?
    If your project requires a graphics file, please ask the Translation Coordinator how to proceed in getting it online.

About Gospel Translations

  1. Are you associated with a denomination?
    We are not managed or owned by any church group or denomination. Our support and resources come mostly from those partners mentioned in the Partners page, but they do not exercise any control of the organization.
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