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Andrew's Contact Page

This page serves primarily as a message board if:

  • You want to sign up as a translator or other type of volunteer,
  • You have a question about Gospel Translations, or
  • You have feedback for how to improve Gospel Translations

Please simly use the "+" button at the top of this page to add your comments or questions, and we'll answer soon. Thank you!

Graphic Design/Blog

Hello there.  I have studied graphic design and web design.  Currently I maintain the CASA of Solano County Website at [1][2].  I am interested in your need for graphic designers, web designers, and bloggers.  Thank you.

Kindest regards,


Graphic Designer


I'm a graphic designer and I am interested in helping with the creative side of this site. You can view my portfolio and contact info at

Best Regards,


Japanese translation

I'm a non-native Japanese speaker, and I'm raising support to move to Japan as a missionary.  I would like to be part of this translation project, and would also like to include native Japanese speakers, but because I'm not in Japan, it might be a couple of months before I can begin anything.

Megan Smith m.clare.smith [at] gmail [dot] com


Hello!  I got my BA at Southeastern Theological Seminary and am now studying in Germany to get my Masters and BS.  I'm German and my wife is American and I am fluent in English as well as German.  I'd definitely be interested in translating articles in German!  My wife and I are always talking about how we wish these resources were in our current church!  God bless you, Artur Lieder

[email protected]

I'd love to help with any of the web design stuff. I currently work in IT and on my church's webteam. I also got a minor in French at Penn State. I would say I'm proficiant, but not fluent in the language.

I'd love to work with someone the French component in any capacity that makes sense.

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