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Master Glossary

This is the glossary for standardizing the words used for key theological terms.

To suggest a change, put it in parentheses followed by a question mark next to the current term: (new term?). To suggest an addition, post it in the table at the bottom of this page.

English Term Translation Suggested Changes (include your name)
atonement espiazione/propiziazione
believer credente
expiation espiazione
edifying edificante
effective efficace/valido/effettivo/in vigore
Gentiles Gentili (non ebrei)
godliness devozione/santità
gospel vangelo
imputation attribuzione/imputazione
justification giustificazione
legalistic legalistico
plant churches fondare chiese
predestination predestinazione
propitiation sacrificio propiziatorio
ransomed riscattato
reaching out evangelizzare
sanctification santificazione
self-righteousness sentirsi giusti(moralismo/ipocrisia/perbenismo)
substitution sostituzione
repentance pentimento
wrath ira

Suggested Additions

If you would like to add a term to the master glossary, suggest it in the table below for others to evaluate.

English Term Translation Suggested By
sacred pupil sacro altare Salvatore Costanzo
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