Anger Part 2: Three Lies about Anger and the Transforming Truth

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By David Powlison About Anger
Part of the series Journal of Biblical Counseling

What is anger? How should we handle it? Part 1 of this article1 sought to provide biblical anchors for understanding this volatile experience. We saw that the Bible treats anger in rich detail. We saw that anger involves the whole person: body, emotions, mind, motives, and behavior. It has an interpersonal focus, always having to do with God and usually having to do with other people. It is both natural and learned, for good and ill. It is a moral matter. God gives us a worldview from which to think about anger, and within which to wrestle with the varied expressions of anger that we encounter.

In Part 2 we will critique three of the most pernicious misconceptions about anger that dominate our culture. As Christian counselors, we can offer the biblical alternative with all its depth, hope, and power to people enmeshed in lies. The truth provides a pathway out of anger and out of the confusion that surrounds anger. This part of the article will conclude with a set of eight questions that aid in assessing and overcoming anger in a godly way.

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